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The Rise & Future Of Family Offices

Family offices offer bespoke and highly tailored services, but for those looking to build their family office, understanding what is possible is an important first step. In these recommended reads, we share a number of articles which look at what present day, modern family offices are doing for their clients, how they function and what future set ups might include.

Next generation entrepreneurs drive venture capital exposure in family offices – CampdenFB

James Beech reports on the Campden Wealth research into the next generations within family offices and how they are looking to opportunities within the venture capital sector. The report, A Roadmap to VC Success, considers why previous generations haven’t considered investing as much in the VC space and what can be understood from the latest statistics on the interests of the emerging successors.

The Family Office – How It Works And Why It Is Becoming More Common – What Investment

What Investment explores why family offices are becoming more common. If you are newly considering using a family office to manage your wealth, you aren’t alone. The rise of family offices is leading more individuals and families to investigate how they can best benefit from their services. Essentially, ‘UHNW investors can have their fortunes managed by a handpicked group of financial and legal professionals’ taking the hassle out of the management while retaining complete control.

Complete Guide to Starting a Family Office – Cleverism

Cleverism’s guide takes a deeper dive into the range of services and variety of ways in which family offices can operate. It is important to note that family offices function in ways that suit the needs of the client, be they an individual or family, who is enlisting the family office. This can mean general oversight and day-to-day running, through to comprehensive investment and asset management. This article offers a more detailed look at what a family office can do for you.

How To Build Your Future Family Office – Forbes

Family offices can change and develop over time to reflect your changing needs, and the trends for wealth and investment management which often comes with each new generation. Here, Forbes explains the modern family office, as it currently stands, and the ways in which future family offices are being developed. This will give you insight into how you might want to set up your family office now, as well as, what to keep an eye on for its development in the near future.

What’s Next: Further Reading

Our recommended reads section includes collections of articles and guides on areas related to family offices, investment and wealth management. We offer insight into why these pieces are worth diving into and summarise what you can expect.