Family Offices

Our Approach

How we work with

Family Offices

Family Offices are unique businesses with varying needs and objectives. We can act as an independent resource for all, or part of, a Family Office’s investment needs.

Wren is a trusted partner and outsourced investment office offering an independent and international perspective

Our Work Involves:

  • Working with your family office to help them understand what services they need to support and complement their existing resources
  • Helping to design a strategic wealth plan which meets the complex needs of each family member
  • Adapting to the specific needs of the family office. For example, we can act solely as an investment resource and capability – leaving the implementation to the family office if they prefer to do this themselves.
  • Due to our independence and lack of product, we have nothing to sell and so can be seen as one of the trusted advisers around the table
  • Negotiating favourable fees with fund managers and suppliers through the global network

Our Ongoing Role

Our Ongoing Support Provides:

  • Access to an Investment Committee with offices in 4 countries and advising 110 clients with over $11bn of assets under advice
  • Constant contact with a professional team and a wide resource of investment capability
  • The detailed due diligence on hundreds of managers across all asset classes
  • Consolidated reports on the investment portfolios across multiple custodians and depositaries
  • In depth analysis of private equity positions and designing an investment programme to best access the most interesting opportunities
  • Negotiation of favourable fees with fund managers and suppliers through Wren’s global network

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Key Considerations For Setting Up A Family Office

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