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Green Finance: Ethics & Approach

Green finance is a continuously developing sector and one of major consideration for investors, family offices and the wider wealth management market. The continued impact of climate change, coupled with increasing interest in renewables, the environment and sustainability, means that people of all financial brackets are seeking greener and more ethical financial strategies.

Here, we’ve curated a selection of articles from reputable sources on the topic of green finance.

Green Investment Could Help UK Levelling-Up, Says Think-Tank – Financial Times

In the Financial Times, Valentina Romei examines the findings of a report by the Resolution Foundation and the London School of Economics. The report, titled Growing clean, looks at how green investment can benefit our world in general and, more specifically, underfunded and poorer areas of the UK, leading to economic growth for the country as a whole.

The Uses And Abuses Of Green Finance – The Economist

Following the COP26 summit in Glasgow at the end of 2021, The Economist scrutinised the potential impact of the net-zero pledges from financial firms, the climate strategies of industrial countries and the trends in impact investing of private investors. They consider how green finance is operating and where it falls short.

Why The Pushback On ESG Is Good For ESG – Forbes 

Forbes considers how the development of ESG, and its growing prominence within investment, is creating very necessary evolutions in its management. Contributor John M. Bremen lists seven areas that ESG strategists and investors should note, including: avoiding binary thinking about good or bad ESG, focusing on data-led strategic thinking and getting on board with long term ESG strategies.

How ESG investing came to a reckoning – Financial Times

“Should environmental, social and governance factors be packaged together?” That is the opening question that the FT writers Harriet Agnew, Adrienne Klasa and Simon Mundy investigate in this article. They look to determine if ESG as an all-encompassing term has reached the end of its life and should be replaced by more specific terminology that acknowledges the breadth of avenues that this kind of investment can include, from climate change to gender diversity.

The Rush to E.S.G., With or Without Elon Musk – New York Times

ESG investments are at an all-time high, leading notable figures, like Elon Musk, and giants of business, such as Goldman Sachs, to get involved – either with investments or strong opinions. With advice from wealth managers, The New York Times looks at the landscape of ESG, considering the diverse terminology used by investment analysts and its reflection on what investors feel ESG should be.

A Basic Guide to ESG Investing and Why it Faces a Backlash: QuickTake – Bloomberg

“What goes up, must come down.” ESG has come under increased scrutiny due to its popularity. As a result, more financial experts and investors are questioning what it is and how it should work. There is much debate, the resolution of which is yet to come. Bloomberg attempts to break down what ESG is and what is so divisive about it.