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Our process for

Understanding & Mapping Your Wealth

The wealth diagnostic process creates a comprehensive wealth map of a family’s wealth and serves as the foundation for our advice and family office support going forward. It will identify high priority focus areas and make recommendations for the family across a broad range of areas surrounding their investment infrastructure.

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What we believe

  • Families who sustain their wealth across multiple generations manage the wealth as they would a well-run company
  • A full understanding of a client’s wealth is needed before any strategic advice can be given

How we can help

  • We perform a thorough audit of your family’s wealth, how and where your assets are held, and the strategy, decision making and governance
  • We evaluate the effectiveness and costs of each provider involved
  • We carry out an analysis of your family’s investment portfolios to gauge whether they are likely to meet your objectives and needs, and at the right cost

Protecting, Enhancing and Enjoying your Wealth

What we offer

Strategy & Structure

Helping you define the purpose of your wealth, creating a decision making framework and establishing a long term strategy

Assets & Liabilities

Gaining a better understanding of your wealth by mapping and analysing your assets and liabilities in a number of ways

Sources & Uses of Cash

Providing a forensic analysis of your family’s past and projected expenditure, and a comparison against the sources of income

Provider Universe

Ensuring appropriate advisers are in place to meet your family's needs

Investment Review

Reviewing and looking to optimise existing investments to ensure your family’s long term objectives and specific needs are met

Fees & Charges

Seeking to ensure cost savings are identified through a review of all fees paid to advisers and providers

We believe that clients should feel in control of their wealth, understanding their assets with its purpose clearly defined

Why Wren?

Institutional Quality Investment Team

At Wren we know that forging deep, lasting relationships is the basis for achieving success. We combine a highly bespoke relationship-based service, akin to a private office, with the breadth and depth of an institutional quality investment team. We have structured Wren with the philosophy of a partnership to be around for the long term in order to match the multi-generational requirements of our clients.

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