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Our sophisticated investment framework draws on our team’s global expertise. We are a leading investment management firm with broad capabilities and experience investing across the full range of asset classes. We aim to add significant value for our clients in all areas of their investment activities.

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What We Believe

  • Defining the purpose of your wealth is the most important first step
  • Strategic asset allocation is the biggest determinant of long term portfolio returns
  • Markets are efficient in the long and short term, but not in the medium term where investor greed and fear create market dislocation
  • Adding value through active management is possible, but not all the time and not in all markets

How We Can Help

  • We offer discretionary and advisory investment management services
  • This can cover the full range or some of our services – from strategic advice, through to tactical asset allocation and manager selection

Protecting, Enhancing and Enjoying your Wealth

What we offer

Strategic Asset Allocation

We work with you to create a long term plan for your financial assets, taking consideration of other assets such as operating businesses or illiquid investments

Tactical Asset Allocation

We seek to identify medium term market dislocations, and take or scale back portfolio risk accordingly, to add value to client portfolios

Investment Manager Selection

Our investment analysts conduct hundreds of manager meetings a year, across all asset classes, performing detailed due diligence on those recommended for client portfolios

Investment Monitoring

Investment performances are reviewed weekly to identify any assets which deviate away from our performance expectations. We pay close attention to style drift and unexplained under- or out-performance


Drawing together the combined work of our asset allocation and investment selection processes, our portfolio managers create portfolios tailored to each client’s specific needs

Performance Review

We provide clients with a comprehensive overview of their investment portfolios, with the ability to report performance at multiple portfolio levels as well as against the long term objectives

The real measure of success of a portfolio strategy is whether it meets the client’s goals. The relationships we build with our clients always come first.

Why Wren?

Institutional Quality Investment Team

At Wren we know that forging deep, lasting relationships is the basis for achieving success. We combine a highly bespoke relationship-based service akin to a private office with the breadth and depth of an institutional quality investment team. We have structured Wren with the philosophy of a partnership to be around for the long term in order to match the multi-generational requirements of our clients.

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