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We aim to understand the purpose, spending needs and total assets and liabilities of an endowment and then seek to design, implement and manage a long term investment plan that meets its requirements. We work closely with the endowment’s investment committee to ensure the financial assets grow over the long term.

We believe that the management of an endowment or charitable entity has much in common with the management of family wealth, with the importance of independent thought, professionalism and the balance of today’s needs with those of the future

Our Initial Work Involves:

  • Developing a strategic wealth plan which is designed to meet the long term objectives of the charity or endowment
  • Understanding any annual spending rules and ensuring the investment portfolio will meet these objectives
  • Creating an extensive Investment Policy Statement for the charity to have at the heart of its investment approach – applying stringent rules on ethical and socially responsible investing, if appropriate
  • Selecting managers for the assets over which we have discretion

Our Ongoing Role

Our Ongoing Support Provides:

  • Reviews of global markets and the implications for the investment strategy
  • Detailed reporting on the investment portfolios across multiple custodians and depositaries
  • Work with external advisers where real assets and legacy assets need to be considered alongside the investment portfolio
  • In depth analysis of private equity positions and inclusion of these within the overall wealth of the charity or endowment
  • Negotiation of favourable fees with fund managers and suppliers through Wren’s global network
  • Acting as either outsourced CIO or CEO – depending on the scale of advice needed

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