Our Approach

How we work with


We look to help you define the purpose of your wealth and we then seek to design, implement and manage a long term investment plan bespoke to you. Together, we aim to develop your portfolio to protect and grow the future of your next generation’s financial security

Creating a personalised strategy from which we look to grow your assets and manage risk

Our Initial Work Involves:

  • Developing a list of strategic goals and objectives for ongoing review and monitoring
  • Understanding our clients financial needs and succession plans for children and grandchildren
  • Considering if wider estate planning is needed and making introductions where appropriate
  • Determining a suitable strategic asset allocation and portfolio construction to meet these objectives

Our Ongoing Role

Our Ongoing Support Provides:

  • Advice and implementation of tactical asset allocation decisions based on the views of our Investment Committee
  • The selection of managers for the assets over which we have discretion
  • Advice on the long term strategic asset allocation and an annual review to ensure it continues to meet its strategic objectives
  • Detailed reporting on the investment portfolios
  • Face to face meetings as and when required
  • Full transparency on costs. We only get paid by our clients
  • Negotiation of favourable fees with fund managers and suppliers through Wren’s global network

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