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As a multi-family office we provide a range of services to our clients, in line with their wealth management and investment goals. We look after charities, endowments and HNW families who entrust us to secure, oversee and grow their financial interests. We offer four core services:

What We Offer

Professional Management

We achieve success and earn the continued trust of our clients by offering professional management across all of our services.

Strategic Advice

With a full understanding of our clients’ wealth needs, we are able to give the best strategic advice proactively and reliably.

Global Expertise

Our team's global expertise can be called upon to assist any of our clients thanks to our sophisticated investment framework.

Enduring Success

Through our work as an investment resource, we help our clients achieve enduring success and maintain generational wealth.

Consolidated Reporting

We want to make liaising with our clients as simple as possible and we do this with comprehensive, consolidated reporting for financial and non assets.

Expertise Sourcing

Our bespoke and tailored services include expertise sourcing to gather the relevant knowledge to effectively manage our clients’ wealth.

Protect, Enhance & Enjoy Your Wealth

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Our Services

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What We Believe

  • Families who are able to sustain their wealth across multiple generations do so by managing their wealth like a well-run company.
    Defining your purpose of wealth is the first and most important step.

How We Can Help

  • We help you achieve enduring success by working with you as your outsourced investment resource.
    Through in-depth analysis and assessment of your wealth and assets, we create bespoke advice and strategies for your wealth.

We provide clarity, a clear understanding and expertise to ensure you achieve your purpose of wealth

Why Wren

Institutional Quality Investment Team

At Wren, our structure is built on the philosophy of a partnership that endures for a long time to match the multi-generational requirements of our clients. We combine a highly bespoke, relationship-based set of services, akin to a private office, to forge strong, lasting relationships with our clients. With the breadth and depth of our institutional quality investment team, we have the skills needed to achieve success for our clients.

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