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The Growth of the Family Office

Family offices, whether single or multi-family offices, are vital for high-net-worth investors. It is one of the most exciting and developing practices for wealth management and investment. We have selected three articles which will help you to better understand the value of family offices today and in years to come.

Family Offices Become Financial Titans‘ – The Economist

“We’re the most important part of the investment landscape most people have never heard of” – The Economist explores the rise of Single and Multi family offices, their growing attraction for not only the world’s most wealthy, but those that service and seek investment from them.

The Rise Of The Family Office: Where Do They Go Beyond 2019?‘ – Forbes

Over the last ten years there has been a significant growth in the number of Family Offices. In this article, Francois Botha examines what Family Offices are, how they originated and what direction they may take if they continue on their growth trajectory beyond 2019.

How the 0.001% invest‘ – The Economist

The Economist examines how Family Offices have become a significant investing force in the world’s stock markets for the super rich. This article gives insight into what the growth of the Family Office might mean for the financial system, as well as Family Offices themselves.

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