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How Will The Next Generation Invest?

We are looking ahead to 2020 and a new generation of high-net worth individuals. Millennials and the next generation in family wealth are coming into their assets and with that their goals and hopes for their wealth investment are being felt in the sector. This month’s recommended reads looks at the impact of these new investors and where they are thought to be focusing their investments.

What Does The Rise Of The Millennial Investor Mean For The Finance Sector? – Financial Reporter

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The wealth landscape is changing as ‘the total net-worth of millennials will have doubled by 2020 from what it was in 2015’. As baby-boomers begin to retire, generational wealth is becoming the purview of a new set of investors with their own ideas about how to utilise their investments and where to put their money. The Financial Reporter looks at what those changes might look like from 2020 onwards.

Rich Millennials Push To Put Family Wealth Into Impact Investments – The FT

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While some of the new generation of HNWIs are already taking over their wealth portfolios, those due to inherit aren’t waiting around when it comes to what they see as the most important investment opportunities. The FT looks at how younger family members are urging their elders to get their family offices to look at ESG and impact investing now, rather than waiting for them to tackle it later. This article includes specific examples of how the next generation are pushing family wealth into impact investing around the world.

Further Investment Vehicles Remain To Be Seen

The above can be seen to show some of the ways in which the next generation of HNWIs will be looking to invest, some sooner rather than later. However, within the breadth of investment options, from real estate to IPOs and technology, there are still many more traditional ways in which a family office will be required when it comes to investment.