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Wren Team

From left to right: Michael Parsons, Drew McNeil, Eirian Jones, Stephen Doherty

The process is founded on our market and portfolio investment beliefs – the core of which are shown below:

  • Defining the purpose of your wealth, and the timeframe for the portfolio is the most important step
  • Capital Preservation is at the heart of long term wealth accumulation. The Strategic Asset Allocation is the dominant factor of risk and returns
  • We believe that Risk is more than a single volatility number
  • Fees, Taxes and Commissions are all important considerations, their erosive power is magnified as the portfolio time horizon extends
  • Simplicity is almost always preferable to complexity
  • Markets are efficient in the very short term and long term, but greed and fear creates inefficiencies in the interim
  • Adding value by active management is very difficult but not impossible